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Perma Blend’s line of Luxe pigments give you any color you need for lip, liner, and brow PMU procedures. These inks are carefully formulated to be REACH-compliant, vegan-friendly, and suitable for safe, professional use. Choose from a broad range of versatile pigments that work for clients across the Fitzpatrick scale. 

Luxe Mahogany is a high-opacity earthy shade of brown, ideal for PMU eyeliner procedures. This pigment is intended for Fitzpatrick tones 4, 5, and 6. 




  • Color: Luxe Mahogany 
  • Size: 1/2oz 
  • REACH-compliant PMU pigments 
  • Quality-tested and vegan-friendly 
  • Sterilized for professional use only 
  • Sold as one bottle 




Permablend Color Chart


Perma Blend Luxe Color Chart

Permablend LUXE - Mahogany

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