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Changing the Pigment of your Lips with Lip Neutralization

Updated: Aug 26, 2023

Dark Lip Neutralization is just another name for a cosmetic tattoo treatment that is utilized for clients whose natural base undertone (the natural color on their lips) is cool/dark. Simply adding the desired color on top of those tones would have undesirable results. The cool undertone must first be transformed to a neutral tone prior to enhancing the color to the desired result.


Lip neutralization is a lip tattoo procedure that targets to cover the dark melanin spots and patches on concentrated on areas of the lips.

Healing time is 6 weeks and she will return to analyze the decrease in melanin, then we will either neutralize again or we will proceed with the lip color of her choice.

Does it Hurt?

Numbing agents are used to keep the client comfortable during the procedure.

Would you Like to know more? Contact me for more information and to set up a consultation.


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